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    Wine and (in-room) dine

    There’s something truly indulgent about the feeling of slipping into a robe, throwing on a movie, climbing into bed and picking up the hotel phone to order a meal to be delivered straight to your room.

    All too often, however, this is where the luxury ends as you receive a less than impressive meal served under a tired old silver cloche, making you wonder whether perhaps it was worth venturing outside after all. Well, not on our watch!

    There’s change in the air and a buzz about the place. Everyone’s talking about it; room service isn’t crap anymore. Designer dining is a thing, and we encourage you to do it in your bathrobe. From top Chefs joining forces to create lasting in-room dining experiences to carefully constructed ice-cream sundaes that will definitely make a mess, room service is now fancy.

    And not a minute too soon, either, as we’ve given the in-room dining experience the attention it deserves, extending beyond the menu boasting Braddon Merchant delicacies and signature bottled cocktails, all the way to how your meal is artfully presented to you.

    To get this just right, we partnered with highly skilled potter, Chris Harford, to create timeless in-room dining ceramics exclusively for Midnight Hotel, to enhance the guest experience.

    When you’re working with clay, any shape is possible, and every mark or movement made on its surface will define the finish.

    - Chris Harford

    Chris took every element into careful consideration over the course of both the design and creation phases, from visual appeal to functionality to how much the clay would shrink throughout the process.

    In line with Midnight Hotel’s own brand look and feel, the dishes Chris created feature a combination of two glazes – one black and another which, if used on its own, would be off-white in colour, but having been used in combination with the black, has produced a stunning bronze effect.

    You can admire these exclusive Chris Harford X Midnight Hotel ceramics for yourself when you order from our in-room dining menu during your next stay.

    Go on, treat yo’self.

    Posted February 6, 2020

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