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    Uncovering Braddon

    When the elevator doors open on each level of Midnight Hotel, it’s impossible to miss the electrifying, neon infused artwork in front of you

    Take a joy ride to all eight levels, and you’ll uncover the unique cultural aspects of the hotel’s surrounding suburb, Braddon, as imagined and depicted by one creative little human.

    The dynamic delivery of the eight piece, Uncovering Braddon series is thanks to Australian artist, Tom Adair. Born amongst the Melbourne graffiti scene, Adair’s edge comes from his focus on architecture and popular subculture.

    Depicting the suburb of Braddon at a very transitional point in its history, each piece forms part of a time capsule, stamping the suburb as it is in 2019. Adair’s work speaks to a creative and cultural shift that is dynamic in nature and assertive in spirit. Each of the eight pieces tell their own unique story; you can feel it pulse.

    My hope is that these paintings will encourage residents of the Midnight Hotel to delve deep beneath the surface of the suburb that surrounds it.

    - Tom Adair

    To shine an accurate light on the neighbourhood, Adair immersed himself in Canberra’s creative culture. Renting an apartment on Lonsdale Street, he explored the locale for four days, talking with neighbouring café and restaurant owners, sampling local dishes, discovering the city’s nightlife all in an effort to unlock the smaller details behind a historically industrial area, turned cultural hub.

    Made from Acrylic Polymer on Dibond and fitted with neon lights, each piece is 120 x 210cm and constructed with a solid oak substrate. The work is painted dot by dot with an airbrush, a technique that is informed by a photo projection. The visual could be that of a postcard or typical tourist photo, but upon closer inspection each creation unlocks more and more character within the image.

    These tiny imperfections and intricacies make each painting authentic. The neon lights shine across black and dusty hues create a statement piece that will literally take you to another level.

    Thanks, Tom.

    Posted October 11, 2019

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