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    Shower thoughts

    Finally, those posters with the pictorial step-by-step instructions on hand washing are having their time in the sun! With so much emphasis on correct hand washing technique right now, we wondered who the mastermind was behind the germ busting habit.

    Shower thoughts Image:  Hunter Lab © 2022

    There are so many situations over the course of our day-to-day when giving our hands a scrub with soap and water is simply a matter of common sense, and you’d be forgiven for assuming this was always the case. But it wasn’t actually until the 1980s that hand hygiene started to become widely recognised as essential in preventing the spread of infection.[1] We’re talking the vintage of shoulder pads, neon lycra and Spandex, pattern clashing, floofy Miami Vice perms and scrunchies – the fashion era we are recreating today, that was not so long ago. Crazy, huh?

    While nowadays, the health and hygiene benefits of routine handwashing are indisputable, and over recent months, we’ve all been washing our hands more than ever; this doesn’t mean we have to surrender our paws to the discomfort of dry and cracked skin.

    When you leave the house for your next essential outing (sporting Spandex or not), you’ll notice that there’s certainly no shortage of step-by-step handwashing instructions dotted around the place, but how about what comes next?

    When we wash our hair with shampoo, we follow it with a conditioner to restore moisture and shine, so why should washing our hands be any different?

    We leave a shower feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and often inspired by our latest ‘shower thought’, so why not take these good vibes with us from the shower to the sink.

    From balms to lotions and everything in between; we’ve rounded up our top five hand care products to help you restore your hands to their former (hydrated) glory.

    1. Treat yourself to the Golden Handshake by LUSH – an avocado, argan and castor oil hot hand mask, perfect for hardworking hands.
    2. Get your pamper on with the hand relief night renewal serum by Aveda – a hand treatment serum that visibly improves the texture of your hands while you sleep.
    3. Take comfort in the Shea Ultra Rich Minute Hand Scrub by L'OCCITANE – a delicious blend of nourishing shea butter, softening apricot oil and soothing allantoin, infused with crushed husks from shea nuts.
    4. Experience the Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm by Aesop – a rich, skin-softening balm containing carefully selected ingredients to soften the skin and provide sustained hydration.
    5. Indulge in our personal favourite – the Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion by Hunter Lab – a natural nutrient rich multi-purpose moisturiser crafted with hard working hemp oil and Baobab Protein, and native aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper and wild rosella flower extracts to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin.

    By the time you’ve tried a few of these beauties, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself going beyond singing in the shower to shimmying at the sink.


    Posted April 24, 2020

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