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    Real talk

    From the heat of an Australian summer filled with devastating bushfires to a virus pandemic sweeping the globe, the year 2020 has certainly packed a punch.

    With similar speed, and much creative ‘punch’, Midnight Hotel, Autograph Collection has also had a dramatic start to the year. In a short amount of time, we’ve developed a rich story. We’ve partnered with some of our community’s finest to deliver memorable experiences that leave our guests wanting more, and keep them returning, again and again.

    Presenting a lifestyle guests won’t want to leave, our hotel invites you to experience the beat of a growing city, the personal touch of exceptional service and above all, welcomes originality and authenticity in a celebration of high design.

    We’re proud of our story, and believe we’re only just getting started. We’re shifting and evolving and this moment in history is just another part of our story.

    As we write this, Midnight Hotel, Autograph Collection is still open. We’ve had to limit some of our usual services in response to COVID-19 Government Regulations, however, for the moment, we are still welcoming guests to the hotel.

    As always, our strict attention to cleaning, health and hygiene practices is unwavering and current social distancing rules have been applied across the hotel precinct. Our desire to serve and support our guests during this time is resolute.

    Rest assured we will get through this together, no matter what that looks like. For some, it might mean cleaning every inch of the house and tidying up the garden, for others, an extended period of Netflix binge watching might be just what the doctor ordered. Or in our rawest moments, simply navigating the day-to-day with dwindling motivation will be an achievement on its own. And that’s okay.

    Whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, we’re here for you. And as we continue to welcome you to Midnight Hotel, Autograph Collection, we simultaneously look forward to the time when travel will return to its former glory, so that we can offer our guests new memorable lifestyle experiences, exactly like nothing else.

    Posted April 9, 2020

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