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    Poppin’ bottles

    When you’re neighbours with a micro-brewery, you find yourself thinking about beer a lot. Not obsessively, but just every now and then your mind wanders; you try to work out how fluffy hops turn into bubbly liquid, you think funny thoughts about fermentation, and before you know it, you’re sitting at the brewery bar with a fresh beer in your hand. How did we get here?

    Midnight Hotel Bottle Opener

    Midnight Hotel loves a celebration. There’s nothing more satisfying than popping the top of a bottle of beer and saying cheers with friends and family, or even a stranger at the bar. It’s moments like these that make life sweet.

    Of course, we didn't always 'pop the top off a bottle'.

    Before the crimped metal cap movement, most bottles were sealed with wooden or cork stoppers. Shortly after, screw caps were introduced, closely followed by porcelain stoppers held in place with a wire bail.

    We didn’t meet the Crown Cork style of bottle cap, the metal crimped cap most commonly used today, until the late 1800s. Since its debut, the crimped cap has firmly engrained itself in beer bottle poppin’ culture, complete with its own Church Key lifting tool.
    It’s the tool that got us thinking.

    At Midnight Hotel, it’s the people we work with that make us unique, so when we approached South African born, emerging Australian industrial designer René Linssen to create a bespoke bottle opener for us, he was quick to make his mark.

    Blurring the lines between art and engineering, Linssen is making waves in the nation’s capital showcasing the beauty of functional design. Winner of the 2017 Belle Alessi design award, and co-founder of Furnished Forever – a furniture brand focused on Australian ingenuity and craftmanship, Linnsen shows us that heartfelt, high design can be both beautiful and impactful.

    An aesthetic asset, the Midnight Hotel bottle opener heroes the mark of Midnight – a bold polished brass M, perfectly designed to neatly nest in the user’s hand and effortlessly pop open the top of a cold one.

    Featured in all Midnight Hotel rooms, this re-interpreted Midnight Hotel symbol is your new functional friend. Cheers to that!

    Learn more about local Canberra creator René Linssen and his bespoke designs at

    Posted July 23, 2019

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