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    One of a kind

    Pulsing with creativity, Midnight Hotel champions the mark of craft and authentic design. Through the structural DNA of the hotel, to the selected artistic additions to both public and private spaces, each element of design has been carefully curated and considered.

    The desire to be different prompted us to enlist the creative talent of acclaimed New York-born artist, Thomas Bucich to make his mark on Midnight. Commissioned to create a series of unique artwork for each guest room, Bucich set to work understanding our hotel, our philosophy, our story and our vision.

    Bucich says art is often described as a mirror to the culture in which it is produced. His intention for his work is to mirror the reciprocal beauty and chaos/creation and destruction of nature and the human spirit.

    My latest works are a reflection on my connection with culture, self, society and the natural environment; observer and observed, perceptions of nature and man.

    - Thomas Bucich

    Like his art, Thomas Bucich is one of a kind. A New York native now based in Australia, Bucich has turned his passion for architectural design and fine arts into an illustrious career spanning nearly three decades. With a catalogue of awards and exhibitions too long to list, Bucich now commits most of his time to pursuing and expanding his art through new commissions.

    We love to celebrate high design, and we love it even more when it emerges from local talent. Midnight Hotel found the perfect creative collaboration in Bucich’s latest series, ‘Relic’ which explores the timely concept of the creation and destruction of nature and the human spirit. Industrial and artistic the series blends both natural and metal elements.

    With no two pieces the same, each artwork of reclaimed Australian wood and bark plated in copper and nickel hang proudly in each Midnight Hotel guest room. Casting grand shadows across the walls and ceilings, as would the trees from which they were borne, no two pieces tell the same story, yet collectively, they are now a part of ours.

    From conception to completion Bucich’s pieces are exactly like nothing else.


    Meet the maker - Thomas Bucich artist in residence
    Midnight Hotel Lobby and Atrium
    16 - 24 November 2019
    Exhibition opening times

    Posted September 30, 2019

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