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    On the hunt

    Travelling can be hard work. Don’t get us wrong the mini bar, poolside selfies and room service definitely help ease the burden, but all of those long-haul flights, air-conditioned rooms and days in the sun can be rough, particularly on your skin. That’s why we went on the hunt to find hotel amenities that arm the modern traveller with a holistic skincare regime while they’re on the move.

    Midnight Hotel Hunter Lab

    Australian natural skin care specialists, Hunter Lab have created a range of scientifically formulated grooming tools that not only smell ridiculously yummy and maintain your skin’s natural goodness, but also are environmentally sustainable. Talk about ticking all the boxes!

    The dynamic duo behind the brand are husband and wife, Elliot and Susie Waldron. With a background in marketing, product development and health and wellness, they had a vision to develop beautifully made, natural skincare products that are both pleasant and easy to use, and boy did they deliver!

    We hope to provide the highest quality tools that build self-belief and confidence and inspire the modern hunter to go out and achieve their full potential.

    - Hunter Lab Co-Founder, Elliot Waldron

    From the original four products launched back in 2014, Hunter Lab is a true-blue, Aussie success story now stocking a range of twenty-five products. Our personal favourites are the hand and body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner and exfoliating hand and body bar.

    Although the team at Hunter Lab are known for their mighty, full size products, they did Midnight Hotel a favour and shrunk their range down to size for our guests. It’s not easy trying to cram half a litre of shampoo into your carry-on, trust us! The pint-size packaging gives guests at Midnight Hotel the pleasure of experiencing Hunter Lab bathroom bliss, while on the go. There is no compromise on the look and feel of the product, meaning you are definitely going to want to nick it from your room, and take a little Hunter Lab lifestyle home with you (we know you will).

    So next time you check in after that late-night flight, get a hot shower running and enjoy natural skincare that will out-smart, out-muscle and out-maneuver anything your trip throws at you.

    From Hunter Lab  X  Midnight Hotel to you – you’re welcome.

    Posted September 27, 2019

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