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    It’s nice to (re)meet you

    Getting dressed into actual clothes and stepping into a shoe that isn’t lined with fleece and wasn’t designed specifically for indoor wear seems like a completely foreign concept to us right now.

    But after spending the last few months working as a team of one, we’ve started to ponder a thought we would have previously considered unthinkable.

    Perhaps working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    Sure, spending the days in our PJs and meeting via Zoom had its perks, but it also had its downsides. Just ask these guys.

    Whether you’ve experienced your own unfortunate (but hilarious to anyone who witnessed it) work from home fail and you’re desperate to avoid anything similar ever happening again, or if you and the team are simply ready to take the first step in the direction of pre-COVID ways of working; Midnight Hotel is here for you.

    Introducing the We Meet Again Package, designed to facilitate your safe and seamless return to face-to-face collaboration.

    With both half and full day options available, Midnight Hotel’s We Meet Again Package includes room hire, standard AV, complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi, continuous barista tea and coffee, a working in-room lunch, and morning tea or afternoon tea for half day delegates and both for full day bookings.

    To find out more about the We Meet Again Package and Midnight Hotel’s spacious and flexible meeting spaces, contact our dedicated events team, who look forward to (re)greeting you when you’re ready to meet again.

    Posted June 29, 2020

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