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    Come fly with me

    If heights aren’t your thing, probably don’t read on.If you’re still with us – hi there, we’re Midnight Hotel and we like hot air ballooning.

    Come fly with me Image:  Midnight Hotel hot air balloon. Photo by Adrian Kelson courtesy of Balloon Aloft Canberra. © 2022

    There’s something reckless and romantic about jumping into a wicker basket tied to a giant envelope of fabric and floating up, up and away, wherever the wind takes you.

    Since the late 1700’s, hot air ballooning has been practised and experimented with across the globe, with varying degrees of success. Today, hot air ballooning is a buyable experience, less experimental, and predictably successful – thank goodness.

    Midnight Hotel’s hometown, Canberra, is known for its generally well-behaved weather patterns. These weather patterns are what makes Canberra the ideal location for hot air ballooning. Each year, scores of pilots from around the world descend on the city to take part in the annual balloon festival held in March.

    A flurry of colourful fabric, crisp early morning stillness and the warmth and whoosh of propane fill the air as over forty balloons take flight.

    Not wanting to miss out on the action, we bought a balloon, and can now play along.

    Midnight Hotel’s balloon is big, black and beautiful (with a touch of Bonvoy). Weather permitting, it sails across the dawn skies of the nation’s capital, any day of the year.  A giant inflatable billboard, our balloon flies locals, guests and visitors to the city across a beautiful natural landscape peppered with some of the country’s most noted national attractions and cultural institutions.

    A buyable and bookable experience through Midnight Hotel and Balloon Aloft, hot air ballooning is a bucket list, once in a lifetime experience that is worth ticking off your list.

    Oh, and did we mention that it’s customary to have champagne post-flight? Well it is. What more do you need? Come fly with us today.

    Book a flight.

    Posted November 26, 2019

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