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    A signature scent

    On average, humans can recognise and remember about 10,000 scents. In a sea of good and bad smells, it’s tough to stand out, however, we believe we’ve created one worth remembering.

    Hidden in our noses is a patch of tissue about 10cm squared in size. On this little square live 5-10 million scent receptors. These receptors work full time ensuring you get loads of information about the space that you’re in. Directly linked to your brain, these receptors can communicate a scent that evokes a memory or feeling in moments.

    Smells are wonderful things. The smell of fresh coffee, fresh linen, mown grass, and the arrival of rain. Smells allow humans to feel calm, relaxed, energised or inspired.

    Creating a signature scent for Midnight Hotel was a natural step for a hotel built on authentic experiences linked to the senses. You feel the luxe of the bed linen, see the intricacy and thoughtfulness of design, hear the splash of a local wine poured into your glass, taste the freshness of a spring dish, and smell the scent of beautiful possibility.

    Presenting: HUTWOODS  X  Midnight Hotel

    Becky Hutley, Founder of Australian woodwick candle company, HUTWOODS, believes that a fragrance is a powerful thing. It can change a mood in a moment and shape memories in seconds.

    Invited to create a signature scent for Midnight Hotel, Becky researched the personality of the hotel.

    “We wanted to develop a fragrance that was bold and confident, yet remained elegant and not too overpowering.”

    “We started with the familiar scent of fresh peppermint and delicately balanced this with woody notes of cedarwood and clove leaf. The result is a unique fragrance full of sophistication, and perfectly complements the stunning environment created at Midnight Hotel.”

     And now we have the pleasure of inviting you to smell the scent, experience the setting and pop it in your top 10,000.


    The Midnight Hotel signature scent is best experienced in the hotel lobby, Junior Suites and Midnight Suite. Travel tins and large woodwick candles can be purchased during your stay.

    Posted November 21, 2019

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