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Midnight Hotel, Autograph Collection

A lifestyle you won’t want to leave

Midnight Hotel invites the global guest to experience the beat of a growing city, the personal touch of exceptional service and above all, welcomes originality and authenticity in a celebration of high design.

Midnight Suite
Midnight Hotel Bathroom
Midnight Lounge
Midnight Hotel Little Black Book
Midnight Suite

Exactly like nothing else

Part of the Autograph Collection, Midnight Hotel presents a vision of possibility for each guest to create memorable lifestyle experiences. Perfectly positioned in a melting pot of design, culture, food and fashion, Midnight Hotel’s locale encourages unique engagement and authentic cultural emersion.

Drink & Dine

Offering the ultimate food and beverage experiences, morning, midday and midnight

Spoilt for choice, guests at Midnight Hotel will delight in fresh, local produce across seasonal menus, presented in a chic setting. Enjoy breakfast hosted in the light-filled, sun-bathed space of Braddon Merchant, where local produce is presented across a simple, honest menu. Unwind at Midnight Bar; moody and seductive, it offers the perfect night cap in a plush, trendy setting.

Midnight Bar Dining
Midnight Bar
Braddon Merchant Dining
Braddon Merchant Deli
Braddon Merchant Restaurant
Midnight Hotel In Room Dining

Meetings & Events

Stylish, convenient and connected

Conference and event facilities at Midnight Hotel are designed with project success in mind. Intimate, private boardrooms nest aside a smartly appointed business centre. Natural light fills the main conference room, complete with premium furnishings and state-of-the-art AV

Midnight Hotel Conservatory
Midnight Hotel Conservatory
Midnight Hotel Autograph Lounge
Midnight Hotel Conservatory
Midnight Hotel Boardroom 2
Midnight Hotel Conferencing


Helping to create a healthier you

Midnight Hotel guests have access to a complete wellness centre, featuring a 20m lap pool, two fully equipped gyms, a sauna and pool deck with private cabana seating.

Creating positive exercise and health spaces, Midnight Hotel guests have the option to work out in the privacy of an exclusive, hotel guest-only state of the art gym or access the wellness facilities shared with precinct residents.

Just like having a dedicated gym buddy, Midnight Hotel guests will never feel alone in their pursuit for health, fitness and wellbeing when travelling.

Midnight Hotel Lap Pool
Midnight Hotel Pool
Midnight Hotel Gym
Midnight Hotel Lap Pool
Midnight Hotel Pool

A reflection of its locality, Midnight Hotel champions the city’s history, culture and future.

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